Bamboo Vs Faux Wood Blinds

The faux wood blinds are going to resist warping and twisting better than a real wood blind, and are going to be easier to clean since they are made from a pvc material.However, real wood blinds are not as heavy and have a beautiful wood look to them that you can only achieve with a real wood product. The blinds in our "best" categories are going to offer the most options and colors. You have. Blinds are easier to clean than shades because of the construction of the blinds themselves, which is usually a non-absorbent material such as vinyl 1 or wood. Blinds can be wiped down to remove any dust or residue. If you have a buildup of grime on your blinds, take them down and scrub them with soap and water.

Arctic White & Paloma Faux Wood Blind 50mm Slat White

Wood vs. Faux Wood. Window treatments such as wood blinds can really transform the look of your home. When deciding between wood blinds and faux wood blinds, you need to consider what room you’re decorating and how large the windows are.. The difference between the two is the material they are made out of.

Bamboo Vs Faux Wood Blinds. Wood vs faux wood always seems to present a quandary, so let’s look at each type of these blinds to help you decide which of these window treatments is the best selection for you. Choosing between wood blinds and faux woods can be an easy choice to style your windows in this classic design. Made with wood-like stains and finishes, faux wood blinds also look great. Their resilient materials make for an easy clean: just use soap and water. Faux wood blinds are long lasting, great looking, easy to maintain, and affordable. Although faux wood blinds can look like genuine wood blinds, you can’t beat the classy look of the real thing. Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds. Faux wood or vinyl blinds are an extremely versatile product. They come in a variety of styles and each style has its benefits. The Porcelain 2″ Select Corded Faux Wood Blinds are a great value and provide a very economical way to get the appearance of a wood blind without the cost of buying real wood blinds.

Pros of blinds: Options: With blinds, you have several different options to choose from, including mini-blinds, vertical blinds, blinds made out of wood, faux wood, vinyl, fabric, and more. Functionality: Blinds are more flexible than shades in terms of privacy. Although there will always be a tiny space between the slats for light to shine. Faux wood blinds aren’t as prone to cracking, warping and fading as wood blinds especially in hot humid spots like bathrooms and kitchens. If you live in areas with extreme heat and humidity, your best choice are faux wood blinds, as is true for high-traffic areas where children are likely to play. Wood has long been associated with strength and aesthetic beauty. Richly stained or painted wood blinds offer a wider selection of colors than faux wood, as well as other upgraded options and features. We often recommend real wood blinds when our clients need to match a particular wood stain or a custom paint trim color.

Blinds Direct offers a wide range of venetian blinds in wood shades including chestnut, rosewood, teak, and painted white bamboo venetian blinds available in a 50mm slat width. Bamboo blinds offers many advantages being lighter than most wooden blinds, easy to clean, water resistant, withstand extreme heat and lets not forgets is eco-friendly credentials. Non-composite faux wood blinds are PVC only, made from an extrusion process (like squeezing toothpaste from a tube). Often the extruded material contains at least some recycled plastic. Wood vs. Alternatives Wood has a tendency to warp, especially in hot or humid environments. Wood blinds may have to be repainted and are harder to clean than. Wooden blinds offer an exceptional privacy option versus many other types of blinds. The solid makeup of the wood prevents individuals from even seeing shapes or shadows through the window. Wood blinds do a fair job of blocking light; however, many specialty blind companies offer a no-holes option.

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I love the look of bamboo blinds!! We currently have 2" faux wood, white blinds in every window of our house – it was a great selling point when we bought it 5 years ago – but now that I've had to clean them the past 5 years, not my fave. We live near a sod farm so the dust is ri-donk-u-lous!!! Wood blinds provide an earth-rich and classic vibe to a home, while neutral tones in white or beige can create a more industrial or modern feel. Blinds also come in different colors, fabrics, and patterns which can add flair or texture to a home. The versatility of blinds makes them a great choice for most homes. Real Wood Blinds. Pros. Rich, elegant, and warm. Lightweight, making them great for large windows. Comes in a variety of luxurious stains. Generally more stain and paint options than with faux wood blinds. Cons. Warps and bows with humidity, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Less durable than its faux wood counterpart. More expensive than.

Our 2 in. Cordless Faux Wood Blinds come with a matching 2-1/2 in. standard valance and features a unique embossed wood grain texture that gives the appearance of real wood. These blinds offer a classic look that will complement any decor. The slats are made from heat and moisture resistant material, making the blinds ideal window treatments. Blinds and Plantation Shutters are usually made from Premium Bass Wood, Faux Wood, or composite. Premium Bass wood are 25% more expensive, however Faux wood Blinds or Shutters looks just like real wood, but can cost quite a bit less. Bamboo Shades are made of fabric and natural bamboo jute materials like bamboo or woven wood. We carry both smooth finish faux wood blinds as well as wood grain faux wood blinds. The majority of our faux wood blind slats are smooth slats. All of our faux wood blinds come with smooth finish slats. Some of our faux wood blinds offer both smooth slats and textured wood grain slats. If you are looking for wood grain faux wood blinds the.

Earthy and Natural — Without a doubt, the best choice for earthy interiors is wood or faux wood blinds. We’re pretty big fans of bamboo blinds in Zen-inspired spaces. Not only are they totally down-to-earth, they’re also eco-friendly — bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and is therefore extremely sustainable — so they’re. If you see the old faux wood blinds, they were hung inside the window frames. Our ceilings in our living room are 11 or 12 feet tall. And so, because I adhere to the “high and wide” method when it comes to hanging curtains, our curtains are so much higher than the tops of the window frames. Aluminum or wood slat blinds were the primary options for decades, but advances in vinyl materials have made faux wood blinds a popular and durable choice. Some blinds are better at darkening a room than others, with features like tight-fitting or routeless slats. Other blinds are specifically made for large sliding doors, or to withstand areas.

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Wood, Faux-Wood, Woven Wood, Mini Blinds and Vertical Blinds are the most popular “blinds” and are usually made of wood, metal, a composite or a woven grass or bamboo. These materials exude a tactile feeling of hard or bumpy; hence the name, hard window treatments. Faux Wood Blinds V Wood Blinds: A Tough Competition. Durability: Though both real wood and faux wood blinds are sturdy and last long as compared to many other window coverings available in the market, faux wood blinds are more resistant to cracking, warping and fading, and perform better when it comes to moist areas. I’ve never done faux wood blinds. I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve done wood blinds in 20 years. Usually, they are painted but once or twice we did wood in a library/office room. But woven wood shades are 100% private if they are lined. The only difference is that with a wood blind, one can have the slats open to see through.

Pros and Cons: Faux Wood vs. Wood Blinds. By Budget Blinds November 06, 2019 Faux Wood vs. Wood Blinds: Which Is Better? So you’ve decided to go with blinds for your home, but don’t know whether to choose wood or faux wood blinds. It’s no surprise as often times the debate is centered on which among them is a better option.

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