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Quick Picks: Best Dog-Proof Blinds + Window Treatments. Pick #1: Arlo Blinds. Cordless, fabric blinds that your pooch can’t get stuck in! Pick #2: Calyx Semi-Opaque Fabric Shades. These semi-opaque cordless shades let in 35% of light and don’t provide total privacy as they are semi-opaque. In vertical blinds, the slats can part easily and pets can pass through the vanes undisturbed without too much hindrance. Horizontal blinds cannot accommodate cats and they end up crashing into the blinds. Vertical blinds may be safe for cats as they allow them to pass with ease but the blinds may not be as safe from the cats after all.

How to Keep Cats from Breaking Blinds Cats, For cats and

Sep 13, 2019 – If your pet loves windows almost as much as we do you'll want to check out our cordless blinds and shades for your windows to help keep them safe!. See more ideas about Pets, Cordless blinds, Blinds.

Best Mini Blinds For Cats. Licking Cats. My cat Marzapane has an odd habit. She is a licker. She will lick your face like a happy, drooling dog would do. It is cute but it gets strange. She is obsessed with licking the mini blinds. Maybe she likes the dust? But she also licks envelopes and boxes and sweatshirts and the shower curtain and the couch. The list goes on and on. Black Mini Blinds Change the Face of Decorating Black mini-blinds are often overlooked in favor of more neutral colors like white, cream or wood colors. However, black mini blinds create a dramatic effect in any room. The benefits of black window treatments go beyond a ‘wow’ factor – they are also practical. Let’s say you find the best blackout shades for your side windows but then you don’t feel like going through the trouble of using all the professional tools needed to get them up. While pretty much all of the blackout blinds have an option for someone to install them, you may find that just doing it yourself will save you a load of money.

Beside this, what are the best blinds for cats? Pet Friendly Window Treatments. Faux Wood and Real Wood Blinds. Faux wood and real wood blinds are a great choice for homes with pets. Roller Shades. Roller shades are another great option for window treatments that are pet friendly. Mini Blinds. Bamboo Shades. Cellular Shades. Roman Shades. Unlike mini blinds, these window coverings don’t attract dust or pet hair. There are even cordless operating systems for cats who can’t resist batting strings. Faux wood blinds : If you’d really like to stick with the look and function of traditional blinds, faux wood blinds are much more heavy duty than plastic or fabric versions, and. 3. Wood or faux wood blinds. These look like thicker mini-blinds, but because of their weight and heft, are often not as easily destroyed by playful cats. Make sure you keep the pull cord securely wrapped up and out of kitty’s reach! 4. Any curtains you want, just keep Nail Caps on your cat! Most curtain damage is done by the cat’s claws.

After many sets of demolished blinds, it works best for us. My cats are masters at mangling blinds. I still remember Nabu cramming himself through the middle of one set, just to make a point (I was watching him). I couldn't be mad, I was laughing too hard. My cats even started messing up my MIL's metal ones when we lived there. If you need one more compelling reason to upgrade from those metal mini-blinds from the 80s, we’ll give it to you today: cats. Like most other things, cats are under the impression that the blinds are there for their own amusement. So, we scoured the internet for what the internet does best—cat memes. Just cats doing what cats do best. Enjoy! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Cats, especially the young and frisky, will use your entire house as a playground. The blinds make sufficient chew toys to relieve any pain associated with teething, plus they're fun to bat at. More importantly though, they tend to block the view of the outside world and need to be pushed aside. Mini Blinds. When it comes to both vinyl or aluminum mini blinds, they are very likely to get bent or destroyed quickly. The smaller profile of mini blinds (usually 1" slats) also means that there is less visibility, causing pets to bend and break slats to see outside. Bamboo Shades. Ooh, look, a hanging scratching pad with dangling cords. I wanted the simplicity of blinds without the risk of my cat eating the cords and strings. Fortunately, I found a stylish solution that also happened to be eco-friendly. Comfortex makes a high-quality environmentally friendly blind that also looks modern and stylish with clean lines and none of that pain relief fussy rustic-blind look with.

Blinds Best Avoided with Cats Around. Blinds that are to be avoided if you own cats: • Aluminum Mini Blinds. Aluminum mini blinds do not let the cats look out of them even when open. This makes your cats want to tug and bend the aluminum slats to look through. Aluminum slats bend easily and can get damaged. Cat Friendly Mini Blinds. Cat blinds jpg t 1447961420 cat in roman shades hammock that being said once the damage is done only thing left to do laugh about it and start thinking of new window coverings are in your future cat breaks blinds. Pet Friendly Window Treatments Blind Outlet How To Keep Cats From Breaking Blinds The Finishing Touch Mini blinds. You can always tell who has cats in the neighborhood, even if you never see them. They're in the house with the mangled minis. Cords. Hanging cords are a tantalizing recipe for tragedy. Cats will either ingest them, blocking their intestines, or get caught in them and strangle. I nearly lost a cat the second way.

Worst Window Treatments for Cats. Aluminum Mini Blinds. Bent slats. Nuf said. Small Slat Blinds. Kitties won't be able to see through and will bend slats out of the way. Corded Blinds. Don't let curious cats get tangled up and hurt. Fabric Shades. Cellular shades and other fabric shades aren't the best fit for cats. But I have 5 cats and can't police them 24/7 so what I do is raise the blinds a little bit to where it's easier for the to just duck under the bottom of the blind rather than go thru. Or you can get miniblinds with wooden slats, they won't bend like the plastic ones. Wood blinds are classic and high quality window coverings at a lower price from JustBlinds. Free samples and shipping to make ordering easier! CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-959-9939. we are working remotely and will continue to go above and beyond to provide the best customer service and deliver quality window treatments to you all.

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My cat has started a thing with breaking off the outer 3"-4" of my mini-blinds. He's not consistent about it, and I can't really associate it with anything else going on. I can't tell why he's doing it, but it needs to stop or I won't get much of my deposit back. Has anyone else had this… Sep 20, 2018 – Cats playing with mini blinds.. See more ideas about Cats, Mini blinds, Dog cat. My cats like to sit in the windows and when they are climbing in and out, they push the blinds back and forth until little pieces break off. I need to replace my blinds but am in an apartment and don't want to spend too much just to leave the blinds here when I go. However, I don't want to go too incredibly cheap and have the same problem happen again.

Nothing screams “rental” like ecru, landlord-issue mini blinds. They’re hideous, but you’re stuck with them, right? Wrong! Here are 7 stylish upgrades that won’t cost you your security deposit.First, get rid of the offending blinds. Most all of them pop out of their mounts quite easily and can be stored in the basement/crawl space/style jail until it’s time to move out. All of the.

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