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View our complete line of commercial window coverings including, roller shades, metal blinds, faux wood blinds and vertical blinds. 2.02 Faux Wood Blinds Part II – Products 1.01 Scope 1.02 Submittals 1.03 Quality Assurance 1.04 Delivery, Storage, and Handling Part I – General A. Supplier: Furnish and install 2 Inch Levolor Faux Wood Blinds. B. Related work speci˚ed elsewhere. 1. Section 06100: Rough Carpentry 2. Section 08520: Aluminum Windows

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Cleaning Levolor Faux Wood Blinds. Faux-Wood Blinds. Faux-wood blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings. If your faux-wood blinds are just dusty, using a vacuum with a dust brush attachment can make cleaning them a breeze. Simply close the blinds all the way, hold the bottom rail, vacuum one side, then turn the blinds the other way and vacuum the other side. For stain-finished wood blinds, consider using lemon oil or wood preservative to give it extra shine. Close to let dry and enjoy those freshly cleaned blinds in less than an hour. How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds. Faux wood blinds are enormously popular, and rightly so! They provide a pretty view without costing an arm and leg. Cleaning faux wood blinds is easy. Just follow these tips to keep them looking like new for years to come. Remove Dust from Faux Wood Blinds. Dusting once a week helps keep your faux wood blinds clean and beautiful. Here’s how: Dust your blinds with a feather duster, microfiber cloth or the brush attachment on your vacuum.

Custom Blinds & Shades. Choose from a complete range of options, styles, materials and features to create the perfect custom blinds and shades for your home. View Products; Trim+Go™ Blinds & Shades. Available exclusively at Lowe's, LEVOLOR Trim+Go™ Blinds and Shades can be cut-to-width for free while you shop. View Products Dust the blinds thoroughly with a soft rag, once with the blinds open and again with them closed. Apply a generous amount of wood cleaner/polish to a rag and wipe every surface of each individual. Keep your LEVOLOR Faux Wood blinds looking their best by periodically wiping them with a soft cloth, a duster, or the brush attachment from a vacuum cleaner.. Spot-Cleaning/Stain Removal at Home – Faux Wood blinds only. You may use a soft, lightly dampened cloth to clean your Faux Wood blinds.

Levolor faux wood blinds are moisture resistant, making them ideal for high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and are easy to clean so they're great for homes with children or pets. Levolor's NuWood composite blinds offer the look and warmth of real wood with the performance of advanced materials and technology, including a scratch. Whether you inherited dirty blinds when you moved in, or if you’ve simply built up grime over the years, faux wood blinds are a snap to clean! We recommend cleaning faux wood blinds twice a year to keep dust, allergens and germs at bay. Difficulty in Cleaning. Over time, honeycomb blinds will get dusty and dirty, making it necessary to clean them. Cleaning these cellular shades can become a problem because of their honeycomb structure. It can be tricky to properly clean each and every cell in the cellular blind. So, you will have to take special care for cleaning these blinds. 2.

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Faux wood blinds offer the look and attractiveness of real wood blinds at an affordable price. Choose from a variety of stains and painted colors and customize the slat size to your desires. Shop our selection of custom faux wood blinds and receive free samples, no sales tax, and free shipping! Faux wood blinds are usually made of composite wood-like material and vinyl. They cost a lot less and are easier to maintain than real wood blinds. Like all window treatments, faux wood blinds get dusty over time. They are quite easy to keep clean because they are so durable. I love blinds but I hate cleaning it. The process of taking it down, cleaning every single blind and making sure the dust came off. OMG! It's dreadful! I don't think soaking wood even if it is a very short time is a good thing. Wood absorbs water and once it does. It'll slowly rot inside even if you sun-dry it. Reply Delete

Close Top How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds Length: 1:03 Added: Jun-3 Views: 44377. Cleaning faux woods blinds is easy. Learn how to clean your faux wood blinds in this short video from Sun Exposure and Faux Wood Blinds. Many faux wood blinds are factory-treated with a UV-resistant finish. This finish shields the blinds from some sun exposure, but the protection won't last forever. Levolor is a leader in window coverings, and the innovative NuWood line shows that the company understands what homeowners want in blinds. Made from a surprisingly realistic polymer, the NuWood blinds mimic the appearance and feel of real wood but combine it with the durability of vinyl blinds.

LEVOLOR Blinds and Shades are trusted to work beautifully day after day, year after year.. Faux Wood Blinds. Real Wood Blinds. Natural Shades. Roman Shades. Vertical Blinds. Soft Vertical Blinds.. Follow these easy cleaning tips and your shades will stay soft and beautiful for years to come. To dust the outside, lightly stroke with a. Wood blinds are a great addition to any window and create a more sophisticated look than the typical plastic, vinyl, or cloth blinds that are available at most department stores. However, unlike other blinds, wood blinds require special care when being cleaned. Keep your LEVOLOR Faux Wood blinds looking their best by periodically wiping them with a soft cloth, a duster, or the brush attachment from a vacuum cleaner. Note: Improper cleaning may void warranty

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Levolor faux Woodtone Colors wood blinds combine the natural look and warmth of real wood with durability ease of cleaning and humidity resistance, but at a fraction of the cost.These are Levolor composite as close to real wood look a likes as you can buy. Cleaning is an important part of caring for these blinds and extending your investment. However, with Levolor blinds and shades, one type of cleaning does not work for all. Wood and aluminum blinds and natural shades require one method of clean, while faux wood blinds, cellular shade, and fabric and vinyl vanes use another cleaning method. Real Wood and Faux Wood Blinds 1862625 Thank you for making Levolor a part of your home. You have chosen the finest wood blinds available, backed by the world renowned Levolor name. Learn more about Levolor and discover a resource of information, ideas, and For Canada residents: support at Operating your blinds

Faux wood blinds have the look of real wood but require less upkeep. With real wood, the slats can warp when exposed to water and also fade from sun exposure. Because the blinds are made of faux wood, you can use water and mild soap to clean the slats if your blinds are especially dirty.

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