Cleaning Mini Blinds While Hanging

Table of Contents:Mini-Blind Cleaning Gadgets?Cleaning In The Bath TubCleaning the Blinds in PlaceAdditional Cleaning Tips advertisement Oh, those things with the narrow slats do look good, all right, when they’re clean. They are so much classier than big Venetian blinds. But they’re even harder to clean. They attract dust, dirt, grease, pollen, everything but cute […] 1" Premium Mini Blinds are available in popular, modern colors and offer upgraded lift options such as cordless and motorization – these options further enhance its stylish look and the absence of hanging cords is safer for kids and pets.

Use a couple of 3M hooks installed above the tub surround

Mini blinds will attract dust, dirt, pollen, hair, grease and even bugs.. a light dusting will not remove all of the dirt and grime so the blinds will need a more thorough cleaning. A good way to start is by opening the blinds while they are still hanging and use your vacuum's soft brush attachment. Vacuum each slat.

Cleaning Mini Blinds While Hanging. Swish the blinds around to loosen built-up grime and dust — the detergent takes care of the dirt, while the vinegar cuts grease and restores the shine. Once they're clean, drain the tub; rinse the blinds with a handheld shower head. Allow them to drain, and rehang the blinds in the window. If your window coverings are blinds, then you’re going to have to be a little more hands on. There’s no machine that will wash them for you, but the good news is that you can leave them hanging up while you clean them. Yes, one way to clean them is to take them down and give them a bath, but that’s probably overkill for most situations. Hanging blinds or vertical blinds are relatively low maintenance, but they do require some degree of cleaning to keep looking good. If not cleaned regularly, they will eventually build up a heavy amount of dirt, grime and dust. Here are a few basic steps and cleaning tips that can make your blinds look like new again.

It is true that cleaning wooden blinds while they are still on the windows can be a challenge. Actually you don’t want to wet a wooden blind, so it’s advisable to just wipe wooden blinds in order to clean them. A normal mild shop can also be used to clean blinds. Just use the shop on wet cloth and remove excess water. Ready to Help. Ready to Deliver.'s design and customer service teams remain available 7 days a week to serve our customers. These teams are working remotely with ample resources and technology to answer questions, provide free design consultations, and get your perfect window treatments delivered right to your door. After cleaning it and rinsing it off, I bundle it in my hand, lift it out of the tub and put a towel under it to catch the dripping water while I walk through the house and out to the porch where I hang it on the nails that were placed there for hanging blinds to dry.

I have plastic mini blinds and really there is no magic way ( though I was looking for one). I have done both cleaning while hanging and taking sow and putting in the tub. Actually I think it is quicker to put in tub! Using a microfiber mini blind duster. Leave the blinds in the open position and run the duster along them from top to bottom. Make sure you work from the top so that any dust that falls while cleaning blinds will be removed as you make your way to the lowest level. The manner used to clean either surface depends on what the blinds are made of: plastic or metal mini blinds benefit from a gentle, damp cleaning, while wood mini blind or fabric vertical blinds.

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Keeping Your Mini-Blinds Clean. Clean Your Air Ducts: The dust, dirt and grime on those mini-blinds represents the air quality in your home. Clean Your Air Filters: One way to reduce the amount of dust is to clean your air filters frequently. A clean air filter will stop the dust from recirculating in the air around your home so you won't have to clean the blinds so frequently. How to Clean Horizontal Mini Blinds. Mini blinds are an inexpensive and attractive addition to any home. Horizontal mini-blinds can collect a lot of dirt and grime if left hanging neglected in your windows too long. This, combined with the fact that they stand in the hot sunny windows only bakes that dirt on, making it even harder to get off. Here is how to clean you mini blinds so that they are actually clean! 1. Take them down and place them in your bathtub. 2. Run warm water and add a couple big squeezes of dish soap and about a cup of vinegar. 3. Fill just until the water level comes up over the mini blinds. 4. Give blinds a swish around the sudsy tub and then let soak for one.

Dry your blinds. After rinsing the blinds, give them a gentle shake to remove extra water. Lay them on clean towels and pat them dry. Next, carefully hang them back up and let them thoroughly air dry while they are open. Repeat the soaking and drying methods for all sets of blinds you need to clean. While you can only do so much to prevent accidents, there is plenty you can do to keep dirt, dust, and debris from building up on your fabric blinds until they are discolored permanently. Going over them with your vacuum cleaner attachment or a microfiber cloth regularly is a good idea. Adding to the dismay of busy homeowners, the narrow slats of mini blinds make them more tedious to clean than Venetian blinds. Thankfully, the following cleaning ritual saves time and effort while.

Window blinds block the sun while providing homes with privacy. Exposure to airborne dust particles, fingerprint smudges and condensation causes blinds to become dingy. Accumulated dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other allergens on blinds create an unhealthy atmosphere in a home. Clean mini blinds without taking them down to avoid leaving windows uncovered. Blinds collect dust, insect debris and stains from spills and splatters. Window coverings and pull strings can also get discolored over time. Even routine house cleaning like dusting and window washing can soil the blinds. Finish by wiping each slat again with a sponge dampened in fresh, clean water. Let the blinds air-dry or wipe them dry them with a cloth. To clean mini-blinds, use the 50/50 solution and put a clean sock over your hand. Dip the sock in the solution and wipe each slat. Rinse the sock under running water as needed.

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Extremely soiled fabric blinds may need professional cleaning. Vinyl or Aluminum Mini Blinds. There are a few different ways to clean vinyl or aluminum mini blinds, and it just comes down to personal preference. One way would be to treat them like the faux-wood blinds and clean them by dusting and washing with a cloth. Way I- Cleaning Up The Blinds When They Are Hanging. Use The Vacuum: Start by vacuuming the blinds and then close up the blinds. The users are advised to affix the brush to the vacuum while cleaning up the blinds or they can also use the dustbuster and vacuum down the one phase of the blind. Vinyl blinds splattered with grease, such as in a kitchen, require a bit more cleaning than blinds that are simply dusty. Since the blinds are vinyl, they may be washed with a mild soap-and-water.

To wash your blinds while they’re still hanging, start by wiping them down with a sponge dipped in warm water. If the blinds are particularly dusty, mix the water with soap for a deeper clean. For a heavy duty clean, buy 2 “S” hooks and hang them inside your shower curtain rod. Next, detach the blinds and hang them off the “S” hooks.

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