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Trimming the Valance Blinds often come with a valance. A valance is a decorative piece of wood that is installed at the top of the windows to hide the headrail and ugly window treatment hardware. Many may choose not to opt for a valance but blinds that have a valance have to be cut too. How to Shorten Blinds – Wood and Faux Wood Blinds Length: 1:28 Added: Jun-10 Views: 201136. If your horizontal wood or faux wood blinds are too tall for your window frame, you may be able to shorten them yourself. All you need for this quick DIY is a pair of scissors!

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I vividly remember the first time I saw a window blind cut to size. I have four siblings and apparently SOMEONE had destroyed one of our blinds. For those who aren’t familiar with them these are cloth window shades that roll up onto a spring-loade…

Cutting Mini Blinds That Are Too Long. Cut down horizontal blinds that are too wide Menu. Sometimes blinds are measured incorrectly or ordered with the incorrect size. We strongly recommend sending them back in to the factory to be cut down. However, if you feel you need to do it yourself, below are the instructions for cutting down the width of horizontal window treatments. I had hoped that the blinds that I bought would be able to be hung next to each other to create one, seamless look; but, I realized that the blinds were just too long to work. I knew that I had some wiggle room with the sizing of the shades, because I was draping curtains over the bamboo shades, but the one’s that I bought needed to be altered. Close Top How to Shorten Mini Blinds – Levolor Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds Length: 2:17 Added: May-13 Views: 34434. Are your blinds too long? Learn how to shorten mini blinds in just a few easy steps.

Horizontal blinds such as wood blinds and faux wood blinds can be cut down to the right width in case you have blinds that are too wide. Blinds Chalet lists tools and steps for cutting window blind slats and headrails. Buy blinds that are the closest to your window size. Don't get blinds that are so wide that you will cut too close to the strings when they are trimmed. Don't worry about cutting the headrail neatly. The process for shortening too-long blinds is the same for metal, vinyl and wood blinds. Key to successfully shortening the blinds is careful removal and replacement of the plugs on the bottom.

If the vanes on a vertical blind are too long they can be trimmed to the correct length. Because the vanes are made from a thin pvc vinyl material they are easy to cut. Tools Needed: Pencil; Square; Scissors or Hacksaw and C-clamp; There are 2 methods to cutting the vanes. With a saw and a c-clamp multiple vanes can be cut at the same time. Ready to Help. Ready to Deliver.'s design and customer service teams remain available 7 days a week to serve our customers. These teams are working remotely with ample resources and technology to answer questions, provide free design consultations, and get your perfect window treatments delivered right to your door. Venetian blinds are an excellent window addition. They can look very stylish and can be effective at blocking others from seeing into your home. However, they look best when they’re not bunched at the bottom. If this happens, it means that the venetian blinds are too long for your window.

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Cords on blinds can be a safety hazard if they are too long. The post a danger for babies if the crib is close to the blinds. It is also possible for a fire to spread with long blinds cords. It is best to trim the cord to a length that is comfortable and safe. Take precautions to avoid inadvertently damaging the blinds. Remove the metal pieces on the ends of the head rail; the head rail is the long metal piece that holds the blinds. Use a measuring tape to determine where to cut the head rail so that it will match the width of your blinds and place a pen mark in that location. How to Shorten. It's easy to make your Trim+Go blinds and shades shorter to fit your windows. Our guide will show you how to adjust them to the length you need.

How To Shorten Blinds Menu. Instructions for removing the bottom slat(s) to shorten the length of horizontal window blinds: Remove the plugs located on the bottom side of the bottom rail to release the string ladders and the knotted lift cord. Undo the knot in the lift cord and pull up the lift cord enough to release the slats you need to remove. Horizontal blinds that are too long look bad, but also create a serious safety hazard for young children. Fortunately, shortening them is easy—all you need are scissors and a screwdriver. The first step in how to shorten mini blinds is to pry the plugs out of the bottom rail with a flathead. That’s why offers an alternative that makes raising your blinds effortless, and even a little fun – a cordless lift. The Dos and Don’ts of Cordless Blinds. Cordless lift systems are available for roman shades, cellular shades, aluminum blinds, wood blinds and more, to bring convenience and clean lines.

Vertical or horizontal blinds? Cheap plastic, wood, or steel? Too long which direction? For cheap horizontal blinds that were too wide I once trimmed them using a miter saw. Just held the whole mess tight together and cut, turned out fine. The headrail of a pair of blinds is the top of the blind that attaches to the window to hold it in place. Sometimes you measure wrong or the company sends the wrong size. If the headrail is too long it won’t fit in your window. In order to get an exact fit for your window you can cut the headrail down to size. Mini-blinds are equipped with plastic plugs on the underside of the bottom rail. Most designs will feature 3 plugs along the length of the rail. Releasing the plugs allows access to the lift cord and the 3 string ladders on the mini-blinds. You can usually just pull out the plugs without having to do anything fancy.

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Many blinds are affordable and easily attainable in most standard window sizes. However, there are times that window blinds are incorrectly measured or are sold only in sizes too wide to fit your window. In this case, you may need to cut the blinds yourself. It is easy to cut horizontal blinds at home with a little patience and the appropriate. Mini blinds that are too long for your window can be shortened with just a couple of tools. Things You'll Need. Needle-nose pliers or flat-head screwdriver. Scissors. Step 1 Release the mini blind slats so that they extend past the window sill. Count how many slats you want to take out of the mini blinds to shorten them to the desired length. How to Cut the Blinds in Length. The most important thing when cutting blinds is the careful removal and replacement of plugs on the bottom rail of the blinds. Though you may think these plugs are insignificant, they help to secure the bottom of the cord that enables you to close, open and make adjustments to the blinds.

Your blinds can do so much more than just look amazing. Window blinds help you control light, give you privacy and reduce your energy bills. Blinds for Every Style No matter what style window blinds you decide on — wood blinds, vinyl mini blinds, aluminum mini blinds or cordless blinds — you have a huge selection to choose from at The Home Depot. . Consider vertical blinds, panel blinds.

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