Easiest Way To Dust Wooden Blinds

We tested out what is certainly one of the easiest cleaning hacks for wiping those blinds free from dust. It's simple, kid friendly and maybe even be a little bit fun. RELATED: Start scrubbing and. Faux-wood blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings. If your faux-wood blinds are just dusty, using a vacuum with a dust brush attachment can make cleaning them a breeze. Simply close the blinds all the way, hold the bottom rail, vacuum one side, then turn the blinds the other way and vacuum the other side.

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Trying to clean dusty blinds with soap and water can leave dirty streaks, and it’s drippy and messy. It’s easier to wipe them with a duster or microfiber cloth. Leave your blinds in place to dust them. Just open the blinds and clean them from the top to the bottom with a lambswool or other type of duster.

Easiest Way To Dust Wooden Blinds. Rotate the blinds and dust the other side. Rotate the adjusting rod in the opposite direction to open your blinds, so the other side of the slats are facing you. Repeat the process and fully dust the other side of your wooden blinds. This quick dusting should take under 10 minutes to complete. What’s the easiest way to dust faux wood blinds? Blinds can be dust magnets and are notoriously tedious to clean. Many people put off this chore, but it’s fast and easy with an Easy Clean Duster! The fuzzy arms remove dust from both sides of the slats at once, saving you time. You can get a duster at for just $15. Wood and faux-wood blinds can be completely closed; the slats of vinyl and aluminum blinds, which often overlap, should be tilted downward but not completely closed. 3. Dust the blinds. For vertical blinds, hold the bottom of the blind in one hand to stabilize it. Wipe the blinds with a microfiber cloth, starting from the top and working your.

Cleaning blinds is a laborious task that requires time and patience, especially when it comes to cleaning the outside of them which is hard to access.To keep them in good condition, follow these steps and use them regularly, and frequently wipe your blinds to keep them looking new. If you don't know how to do this, from we provide a few tricks to clean Venetian blinds at home. Dust once a week with a feather duster or microfiber cloth. For routine dusting, start by closing the blinds completely. Run a feather duster or dry microfiber cloth over each slat, starting at the top corner and working your way down to the bottom slat. Open the blinds again and then close them in the opposite direction. Dust the blinds For vertical blinds, hold the bottom of the blind in one hand to stabilize it. Wipe the blinds with a microfiber cloth, starting from the top and working your way down.

Easiest Way to Clean Wood Blinds Sponsored By Whether you're tackling your yearly spring cleaning to-do list or are addressing weekly household chores, if you have wood blinds you may notice something: dust collects there!. The microfiber cloths will pick up any dust and debris from the blinds with ease. If any dirt is left behind, spray. Leave the blinds in the open position and run the duster along them from top to bottom. Make sure you work from the top so that any dust that falls while cleaning blinds will be removed as you make your way to the lowest level. After you’ve dusted all the way down, use the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean any dust that has fallen. Clean mini blinds without taking them down to avoid leaving windows uncovered. Blinds collect dust, insect debris and stains from spills and splatters. Window coverings and pull strings can also get discolored over time. Even routine house cleaning like dusting and window washing can soil the blinds.

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A deep clean probably isn’t suitable for wooden blinds as the grain can swell, so remember to check what the manufacturer advises. Check with the manufacturer if you're not sure of the best way. The Best Way to Clean Faux Wood Blinds To remove dust from your faux wood blinds, swipe your slats clean with an Easy Clean Duster from They clean both sides of the slats in one pass, so you’ll be done with the whole room in just a few minutes. All of our mini blinds are crafted from metal and treated with Anti Static to repel dust. The best way to clean aluminum blinds is by using a dry rag to wipe off any dirt and dust. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned your blinds and they’re especially dirty, try using a combination of gentle soap and cold water.. Wooden blinds.

What is the fastest way to clean wooden blinds? The quickest and easiest way is to move the slats on the blind to the closed, downward position. Now, run a soft cloth or duster over the face of each slat. Your blind should be dust-free and sparkling in under a minute. Can you clean wooden blinds with vinegar? Yes, vinegar rocks! If there’s one chore we absolutely hate, it’s cleaning our window blinds. We’ve all been there. It’s a tedious, time-consuming task. Just follow these tips to keep them looking like new for years to come. Tools for Cleaning Blinds Shoe polish Towe… Best and easiest way to clean white wooden blinds? We have white wooden blinds thruout our home, I'm sick of wiping them down with a sponge and cleaning each strip one by one.. It takes forever!. dust, cat urine, and just plain filth accumulating. Any and all help would be appreciated. Blind leading the blind. 0 0 0. Login to reply the.

I have been searching for an easier way for like forever, including when I posted about it here. I’ve got both wood blinds and faux wood blinds in my house, and really the cleaning steps I’ll share here work for both. Whether you’ve got faux wood blinds or real wood blinds, I’ve got a super easy way to clean them. Blinds often go ignored during our day-to-day cleaning routines. But when we don’t give them proper care or cleaning, these popular window coverings harbor dust and grime, rendering them at best. This is probably the easiest way to clean blinds. The first thing that you have to do while cleaning the blinds is to wipe off the dust from the blinds with a soft piece of cloth. For this purpose , you can use a blind duster as a blind cleaner, it also works like a Venetian blind cleaner.

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Dust the corners and edges of the window sill and frame as well; otherwise, their dust may end up on the blinds. Wipe down both sides of the blinds by opening them first one way, then the other. With the damp cloth, wipe away excessive dust and dirt on both sides of the wood slats. Wipe the blind with a dry cloth that will absorb any excess moisture on the wooden slats. Continue to clean blinds weekly using a dry cloth or a vacuum to limit the need for cleaning with a damp cloth, which can damage or warp the wood. Faux Wood Blinds – Faux wood blinds are the easiest to clean, because they are durable and resist warping. You can dust them just as you do wooden blinds, but you can also spot clean them using a mild detergent with warm water on a slightly moistened cloth, blotting dry afterwards. Use a dryer sheet to keep dust at bay.

Cleaning venetian blinds is a tedious chore, so make the results last by wiping them down with a used dryer fabric softener sheet to repel dust. Wipe them with another sheet whenever the effect.

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