Easy Way To Clean Faux Wood Blinds

Wood and aluminum blinds and natural shades require one method of clean, while faux wood blinds, cellular shade, and fabric and vinyl vanes use another cleaning method. Aluminum Blinds and Natural Shades Step 1 Clean the blinds and shades while they are hanging up, or by remove them and lay them on a flat surface. If you choose to remove the. For stain-finished wood blinds, consider using lemon oil or wood preservative to give it extra shine. Close to let dry and enjoy those freshly cleaned blinds in less than an hour. How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds. Faux wood blinds are enormously popular, and rightly so! They provide a pretty view without costing an arm and leg.

How to Clean Wood or Faux Wood Blinds the Easy Way

Cleaning faux wood blinds is easy. Just follow these tips to keep them looking like new for years to come. Remove Dust from Faux Wood Blinds. Dusting once a week helps keep your faux wood blinds clean and beautiful. Here’s how: Dust your blinds with a feather duster, microfiber cloth or the brush attachment on your vacuum.

Easy Way To Clean Faux Wood Blinds. The Best Way to Clean Faux Wood Blinds To remove dust from your faux wood blinds, swipe your slats clean with an Easy Clean Duster from They clean both sides of the slats in one pass, so you’ll be done with the whole room in just a few minutes. Whether you inherited dirty blinds when you moved in, or if you’ve simply built up grime over the years, faux wood blinds are a snap to clean! We recommend cleaning faux wood blinds twice a year to keep dust, allergens and germs at bay. #3. Wood Vertical Window Blinds. Wood Vertical Window Blinds can be easily cleaned with the same methods discussed above. They are easy to clean by just turning the slats in both the directions one by one and simply wiping them. Use a microfiber cloth for better scratch and stain resistance.

Faux wood blinds are ideal for rooms that get humid, like the kitchen or bathroom, since the wood-like material is moisture-, scratch- and sun-resistant. Real wood blinds add natural warmth and beauty that’s perfect for a bedroom or family room. Plus, real wood shades are lighter than faux wood so they’re a good choice for larger windows. Faux wood blinds are usually made of composite wood-like material and vinyl. They cost a lot less and are easier to maintain than real wood blinds. Like all window treatments, faux wood blinds get dusty over time. They are quite easy to keep clean because they are so durable. To give your wood or faux-wood blinds a good scrub, fill a bucket with warm water and a little dishwashing soap. Next, grab a microfiber cloth or, in a pinch, a clean sock.

Lemon oil or commercial wood cleaners can clean wood blinds without damaging them. If you are trying to achieve shiny wood blinds, you can use products found at a home goods or department store made specifically for wood. Lemon oil is the oil that is secreted when the lemon peel is pressed. It is a natural disinfectant. Faux Wood Blinds – Faux wood blinds are the easiest to clean, because they are durable and resist warping. You can dust them just as you do wooden blinds, but you can also spot clean them using a mild detergent with warm water on a slightly moistened cloth, blotting dry afterwards. Use a dryer sheet to keep dust at bay. Vinyl and Aluminum. I’ve got both wood blinds and faux wood blinds in my house, and really the cleaning steps I’ll share here work for both. Whether you’ve got faux wood blinds or real wood blinds, I’ve got a super easy way to clean them. And, you’ve most likely got everything you need on hand.

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Easy To Clean Window Blinds. Let us learn about various easy to clean blinds Faux wood window blinds. Faux wood window blinds are mostly used for the rooms like the bathrooms and kitchen as they are highly moisture resistant. These window treatments are also a great choice for your kitchen with regards to the cleaning process. Faux wood blinds have the look of real wood but require less upkeep. With real wood, the slats can warp when exposed to water and also fade from sun exposure. Because the blinds are made of faux wood, you can use water and mild soap to clean the slats if your blinds are especially dirty. If the heavily soiled blinds are made of wood, dust them with a microfiber cloth or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Then clean them with furniture polish or wood cleaner applied to a soft cloth. After you’ve cleaned one side of the blinds, tilt them and clean the other side.

Whether you inherited dirty blinds when you moved in, or if you’ve simply built up grime over the years, faux wood blinds are a snap to clean! Window Treatment Ideas, Guides and Tips 0:15 #1 BEST WAY TO CLEAN BLINDS IF THE DUST IS THICK. Part A: Swiping across the blinds quickly with a dustbuster does the job the best to remove thick layers of dust so that it doesn’t fly everywhere or make a huge mess. If you do not own one of those, use the upholstery tool of your vacuum cleaner to perform the same action. Blinds. There is no quicker or more effective way to switch from natural light to privacy please!Just a twist of the wrist and the magic happens. Surely, this is why just about every window in just about every house and apartment in the U.S. comes dressed with BLINDS.

Just came across this site looking for an easier way to clean my real wood blinds which I paid a small ransom for about 5 years ago. I have always wiped with a rag and furniture polish, but my blinds have a slightly distressed finish which catches and holds the lint from my rags. They also have three rows of decorative "tape" in a deep red. Faux-Wood Blinds. Faux-wood blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings. If your faux-wood blinds are just dusty, using a vacuum with a dust brush attachment can make cleaning them a breeze. Simply close the blinds all the way, hold the bottom rail, vacuum one side, then turn the blinds the other way and vacuum the other side. Close Top How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds Length: 1:03 Added: Jun-3 Views: 44377. Cleaning faux woods blinds is easy. Learn how to clean your faux wood blinds in this short video from

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Wood and faux-wood blinds can be completely closed; the slats of vinyl and aluminum blinds, which often overlap, should be tilted downward but not completely closed. 3. Dust the blinds Faux Wood. Wood blinds look great, but they’re not for everyone. For those who want the natural look of wood, but without the high price tag, faux wood blinds are a great option. Plus, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them, the benefits of faux wood blinds far outweigh those of natural wood. How to clean wood blinds: Soak them. Now this is a method I never actually tried myself, but if you have aluminum blinds, plastic or faux wood blinds, this may be the best option for you.. Best way to clean blinds without taking them down: Try some of these ideas if you would rather not take your blinds down. 3. Be a puppet master and start.

The Easiest Way To Clean Faux Wood Blinds. The most beautiful combination of vinyl with a wood-like component – Faux wood blinds – gives your home an extraordinary look. In addition to this, they are affordable as compared to real wood blinds, making them one of the top choices for homes. However, they do get dirty with time.

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