Fitting Roller Blinds Outside Window Frame

Blinds that sit outside a frameless window are called face fit frameless window. blinds are best attached to wall studs,. This is so there's enough space for your roller blinds to fit neatly inside your frame. Make a note of any obstructions and remember these should be minimal. You'll add these notes into your order. another yes to blinds to go. Really good service and quailty blinds. from as little as £30 for small kitchen window. They have good blackout blinds too. If anyone needs a recommendation for Roman blinds i used roman blinds Their fabrics are simply beautiful and I easily matched them to Farrow and Ball paint.

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What is Face or Exact Fitting? Measuring your window in face—or exact measurement—means that you measure your window from outside the recess. This is done for blinds you want to hang over the window instead of inside the alcove. Face fitting is a popular choice for roller blinds and roman blind designs. It allows you to reduce the light.

Fitting Roller Blinds Outside Window Frame. Galaxy Blinds are the only Bloc Blackout Supplier within a 25 mile radius and we offer a full measure and fitting service. The way the Framed Blackout Blind works is the fact that the frame is fastened to the outside of the recess and secures just on the inside of the recess. Putting roller blinds on your windows is a quick and affordable way to give any room privacy and shade. Mount the brackets on the window frame, put your blind into place, secure your sash cord and the job is done. This video shows you how easily you can do this job yourself. Continue to step-by-step instructions So let’s take a closer look at fitting blinds inside the recess versus fitting outside the recess so you can clearly see what your options are. Inside the recess Pros. Creates a neat and tidy finish. The blind can be fixed to the actual window frame itself, if it is wooden.

How to measure for a Recess Mount (fitting roller blinds inside the window frame) Blinds mounted inside the window frame for a neat, custom look. Make sure you have enough depth to mount the blind inside the frame. 60mm will be sufficient. Less will result in the blind protruding out of the recess. Inside the Window Recess. If you leave your blinds down most of the time, then fitting inside the recess can be the smarter choice. For many people, Venetian blinds and similar styles simply look better when cut to fit the recess of the window, and because Venetian blinds offer fantastic light control and privacy, raising the blinds is less of a necessity. Fitting Chain Operated Roller Blind Step Two: Fitting the blind When the brackets have been fitted to the window area, holding the fully-wound blind, locate the ‘pin’ (the end of the blind opposite to the controls) into the bracket first.

With an outside mount, the blind is mounted either on the window frame itself, or entirely outside the frame on the wall. Combined with a pelmet (the narrow border of cloth or wood running along the top of the blind, to conceal curtain fittings), an outside mount provides a simple and professional finish, and offers greater stylistic. 1. Blinds can either be fitted inside the window recess, or outside the window, which is called exact fitting, so start by deciding which look you prefer. You may have heard the terms Inside Mount or Outside Mount. These refer to where the blind is attached to the window. Inside mounted blinds are fitted snugly inside the window reveal. Outside Mount, on the other hand, refers to fitting the blinds to the outside face of the window opening. For this reason, Outside Mount is sometimes called face fit.

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Hold the brackets to the place on your window frame where they are to be fixed. With a pencil, mark the two screw holes and then drill a pilot hole in the middle of each marking with a 2mm drill bit. Now use the screws provided to fix the brackets to the window frame. See male (left) and female (right) mounted below: 2. Install blind If the window is very small for the size of the room, I would put it outside the recess – you can also add a bit of height to windows by putting it on the outside. You can also have 2 types of folds – standard pleats (where they fold one on top of each other, uniformly), or cascaded pleat (where you can see the lower pleats below the ones above. A top fix lets your blinds hang within the recess, saving space and creating a streamlined, snug fit when you fit the brackets to the lintel at the top of the window. The fit you choose depends on a number of factors, including what kind of blinds you chose, the amount of room you have and even personal preference.

Write down the width of your window frame. Note that Zone Interiors Roller Blinds include an allowance for installation brackets – see pack for details and adjust accordingly. Measure the length (vertical drop) from the top of the inside recess to the base of the window sill. Write down the length of your window frame. Double-check both. Fitting a set of blinds inside a recess, or outside of it, is perfectly possible and there is no right or wrong way to proceed. Indeed, both methods offer certain advantages that the other does not. Fitting Blinds Outside of Recesses. When a window is not flush to the wall, there is a recess which is created. Once you’ve decided to transform your windows with a set of blinds, or even if you’re still considering it, while the type of blind (eg. roller, Roman, Venetian, etc) is a key decision it’s important to also think about whether they’ll be mounted inside or outside the window frame.It’s more than just a matter of preference because some styles work better depending on where they’re.

You can usually buy roller blinds in different sizes. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find one that fits your window perfectly. But if not, it’s easy to cut a blind to the right size. Choose a blind that’s slightly longer and wider than the window frame. You can cut the top roller of the blind to the right size with a hacksaw. Although roller blinds are typically installed inside of the window frame, it can also sit outside of the window frame or above the window. The location of the blind is personal preference. Make sure that you determine where you would like to install the blind before buying the blind. Fitting roller blinds to trickier areas. If you haven’t got enough room on the window or outside the recess, you may have to fit roller blinds to the ceiling above the window. All you need to do is measure the central point of the window using your spirit level and measure for the blinds left and right of this point (half of the total length.)

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If you’re fitting blinds outside the window recess they can be fixed above the wall surrounding the window or on either side or it. If you’re fitting inside the window recess you can screw brackets onto the window frame or attach them to the top of the window recess. External Roller Blinds. Aesthetics and simplicity are the two distinctive features of our external roller blinds. The blinds are mounted outside and run down directly in front of the windows or sliding doors. They are more effective at protecting your home from direct solar radiation than any indoor blinds.. Mounted outside the window – thus. Measuring for outside mount blinds is a different process. In this case, you won’t measure the size of the window opening, but the exact size that you would like the product to be. Because you’re mounting the blinds outside the window on the wall above, they need to be slightly wider and taller than the opening.

An outside mount (installing the blinds on the wall or trim above the window) is usually just recommended when windows are too shallow to mount inside or when there are obstructions like a window crank. When deciding inside mount vs. outside mount, the first thing you should do is measure the depth of your window frame.

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