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We make measuring for bay window blinds easy with our guide & video. Find an amazing range with 247 Blinds, 70% off & fast delivery guaranteed. Measuring Guide For Window Blinds. Measuring for your blinds is a cinch – we've provided simple step by step guides for you to follow – it really couldn't be any simpler and it won't break the bank! Please Note: All measurements should be provided in cm (unless the website gives you the option to provide the measurement in mm or inches).

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MEASURING THE WIDTH FOR ANGLED BAY WINDOW BLINDS. Once you’ve cut your two strips of paper. (In my case, these were 50mm wide). Place them in the corner of your bay window angle until they meet. I got these as evenly as possible, then drew along the edge and corner of the paper where they met.

Measuring Wooden Blinds Bay Window. Feb 5, 2020 – Inspiration for blinds for bay windows, all made and fitted by The Blind Shop. All our blinds are made to measure and made in the UK. We offer a measuring and fitting service in London, Brighton & Hove and everywhere in between. Visit or call 01273 462196 for more information. See more ideas about Bay window blinds, Blinds, Bay window. want the blind to stop (normally the windowsill). All bay window blinds are made with the ‘exact’ measurement type. 6 300mm 90mm Blinds Direct I Unit 2 Jubilee Way I Grange Moor I Wakefield I West Yorkshire I WF4 4TD I UK I Tel: 01924 481 729 I Email: [email protected] Bay window roman shades are a very popular option if you’re searching for a bay window shade instead of blinds. Be sure to look on our website for the different depth requirements per product. Take the inside mount fully recessed measurement for an accurate result:

measuring. This table provides the depths for our wooden & faux wooden blinds: B=0.707 SQUARE BAY WINDOW MEASURING GUIDE WOODEN BLINDS The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the information and allowances necessary to fit three blinds into the windows of a square bay. Following this guide will ensure that the blinds fit as neatly as. Aluminium blinds – 3cm. Wooden blinds – 5cm. Vertical blinds – 6.5cm. Step 2. Whilst the cards are at the desired measurement point, mark with a pencil where the card edge is placed on the side of the card that touches the window frame. These points will give you the width measurements for your new blinds. When measuring window blinds for bay windows, you will need calculate the intersecting points of the blinds to determine the width of each piece.The first step is to select a window shade noting that different types of shades will have different depths. Once you have selected the blinds or shades, you will be able to get the depth you need to calculate the intersection point.

4). These marks are the position you measure for the size of your bay window blind. 5). When you order your blinds, it is important that you order EXACT blinds. How To Measure a Closed Splay Bay or Angled Bay Window For Blinds. 1). Measure all the windows as above, apart from the last window each side of the bay which finishes with the wall. 2). window sill of the bay until the two marks that you made meet up. Using two pieces of paper, place them edge to edge and mark both of them at the required measurement (A). Using a pencil, make a mark on the window sill at the point where the paper meets the window frame. Measure from one mark to the next as detailed in the diagram. With bay window blinds, the measurements you need to take differ for the type of blind you're looking to hang, we list the different rail width measurement allowances by blind type below. Our handy guide makes measuring for your square, box or angled bay window blinds simple, but as always, get in touch should you have any queries.

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the window frame. Slide the two pieces of paper towards each other along the windowsills until the two corners of the papers meet up. Using a pencil, make a small mark on the windowsill at the point where the paper meets the window frame. Repeat steps two, three and four for each corner of your bay window. This is because it will be different for aluminum blinds, Roman, roller and wooden blinds. 4. Add these two measurements. Create two cardboard cut-outs. Place them in one of the angles of your 3 or 5 sided bay window in a way that the cardboard tips touch. 5. Mark the point where the tips touch. 6. DROPS OF BLINDS FOR BAY WINDOWS Blinds Finishing At A Window Sill Or Floor: Any deductions MUST be made prior to placing the order. Measure the drop of the recess (or from top of headrail if not fixing directly at the top) to the window sill/floor. This is the drop to order to allow the blind to rest.

Keep in mind the depth of the headrail for the various window treatments. Here are a few more tips when measuring for any window covering: Always use a steel measuring tape, not a cloth one. Round to the nearest 1/8”. Measure all windows, even if the windows look the same. Window measurements can vary. Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows. Most wood blinds, faux wood blinds, roller shades and vertical blinds require more than 3 inches of depth to mount properly in a bay window. Slimmer products like cellular shades and 1″ Blinds are easier to mount and fit more closely together to give you more light blockage and privacy. Download Wooden Blinds – Boxed Bay Window measuring guide. Here at Wooden Blinds Direct, we think measuring for your new blind should be as easy as 1,2,3. This is why we have created a simple guide for you to follow. To help you with your measurements you will need a metal tape measure.

Measuring Instructions: 50mm Wooden Venetian Blinds in Bay Windows Quality made to measure blinds at discount online prices 45 Degree Bay Windows A B C • Using a metal tape measure, take the measurements of A, B & C at the top of the bay window where the blinds will actually be fitted. Blinds That Look Fabulous in Bay Windows. Bay windows are a wonderful addition to a room, but they can seem a little challenging when it comes to adding a blind.With so many types of window blinds available, and some pretty nifty measuring action required, you could be tempted to settle for curtains instead. Whether you’ve got an multi-aspect 6-pane bay window, or an awkward box bay that needs some shading, we’ve got you covered. Below are instructions for measuring bay and bow bay windows, plus two options for box (or square) bay windows. Pick the instructions that best match your window.

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Measuring for Wooden Blinds Measuring for Wooden Blinds. Adding a touch of elegance to any room, wooden blinds are a great way to precisely limit the amount of light coming through, making them perfect for sun-facing windows. They're also brilliant for providing year-round insulation. These handy video guides will walk you through measuring for recess fitting (fitting the blind inside the window recess) and exact fitting (fitting the blind onto the wall above the recess).. For a step-by-step written guide and for advice if your windows are a little more unusual (e.g. bay windows, or recesses that are partly tiled), keep scrolling down. Bay Window Blinds Bay windows can look like a challenge when measuring, but broken down into separate windows and with the right guidance, they're actually not too bad. Luckily, we've put together a guide showing exactly how to measure for an angled bay window, and a square bay window – so no matter what your window looks like, you'll be able.

Measure the exact size of the area you would like the blind to overlap. To minimize light leakage we recommend that the blind overlaps the window recess by at least 70mm at the top and 50mm each side.. The overlap at the bottom of the blind is a matter of personal choice but please take into account obstacles such as radiators.. Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you.

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