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No.2 Warehouse Practical Mini-Blind Cleaner Brush Vertical Window Blinds Brush Cleaner Mini 7 Shape Handheld Magic Blind Cleaning Brush Novelty Household Tool for Shutter 3.1 out of 5 stars 15 $10.99 $ 10 . 99 ($10.99/Count) Aug 22, 2019 – Explore Maria L McGlone's board "Cleaning mini blinds" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cleaning mini blinds, Toxic cleaning products, Cleaning.

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To give your wood or faux-wood blinds a good scrub, fill a bucket with warm water and a little dishwashing soap. Next, grab a microfiber cloth or, in a pinch, a clean sock.

Mini Blinds Cleaning Tool. Cleaning Fabric Mini-Blinds. Fabric mini-blinds are the most difficult blinds to clean. You should not apply any water to them, especially if they are silk. Check with the manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions by fabric type. When in doubt, contact a professional. Removing Dust. Start at the top with a brush attachment and work your. My easy cleaning mini blind tip is; take the blinds outside, hang them from suction mounted brackets stuck to an outside window, spray the blind with any bathroom cleaner, let the cleaner do its job, then rinse the blind clean with a garden hose. Simple, the way I like it! Like. 1. 1 person likes this. Finish by wiping each slat again with a sponge dampened in fresh, clean water. Let the blinds air-dry or wipe them dry them with a cloth. To clean mini-blinds, use the 50/50 solution and put a clean sock over your hand. Dip the sock in the solution and wipe each slat. Rinse the sock under running water as needed.

9 Sets Window Blinds Brush Dust Cleaner, 3 Pack Cleaner Brush with 6 Extra Microfiber Sleeves for Air Conditioner Shutters Dust Collector Cleaning Cloth Tool 4.1 out of 5 stars 74 $10.99 $ 10 . 99 ($10.99/Count) Close the blinds so that the slats are facing down. If you’re cleaning blinds in the kitchen, or if you have pets in the house, your blinds may need more than a simple dusting to get clean. Turn the stem to close the blinds. Get the slats flat and straighten them out to expose as much dust and dirt as you can. Like I really hate cleaning blinds. I have been searching for an easier way for like forever, including when I posted about it here. I’ve got both wood blinds and faux wood blinds in my house, and really the cleaning steps I’ll share here work for both. Whether you’ve got faux wood blinds or real wood blinds, I’ve got a super easy way.

How to Install Inside Mount Mini Blinds. If you measured for inside mount mini blinds, follow these simple installation steps: Position your mounting brackets at reference points that are flush and level with the window frame – mark the screw holes with a pencil. We recommend marking diagonal holes to ensure a secure installation. The DIY blind cleaning tool makes my life so much easier!!! It even helps me reach all the way to the top of the blinds and I am pretty short. With the added power of the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant I know my blinds are cleaner than ever. Plus the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant is not just for cleaning blinds. Cleaning Mini Blinds March 17, 2011 – 32 comments. I remember when I was a child being fascinated by a funny little dusting tool my mother had for her mini blinds. It had little fluffy fingers and you would run the fingers along the slats of the mini blinds to dust them.

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How to Clean Mini Blinds. Blinds of all kinds gather dust just like the rest of the inside of the house. That dust often hardens on blinds due to their exposure to the sun. Try cleaning them at home with some simple cleaners and a little… You can keep your mini blinds looking clean with the Microfiber Mini Blind Duster. Compact in size, it can be stored in a drawer. This microfiber duster can be utilized for commercial and residential cleaning applications. Ideal for dusting mini blinds; 6 in. handle; Removable microfiber sleeve is machine washable Fortunately, cleaning blinds isn’t that difficult of a task. And figuring out how to clean blinds is as simple as knowing what material they are made of. Most are made from either wood or plastic. Read on for tips about cleaning blinds of both varieties. Tools for Cleaning Blinds There’s really no one best way to clean blinds.

Begin by using a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust. Vacuums come with several attachments – there are even accessories specifically made for mini blinds. Use the upholstery tool to brush and vacuum the blinds. Move the brush parallel to the blinds, not against. If you’re cleaning vertical blinds, only wipe downwards. For mini-blinds, wear gloves and see if you can clean more than one slat at a time through each finger. The spacing may not work for every size of hand and fingers, but if it does, you can save some time. Repeat on the remaining slats, stopping periodically to rinse the dust off of the sock or glove and to apply more vinegar. This time, it was easier because I have added 2 new dusting tools to my arsenal of housecleaning gear. They are: a ceiling fan duster; a window blinds duster; See how I found the best dusters for cleaning ceiling fans and mini-blinds, and why I think these are 2 of the best dusting tools around.

Vertical Blinds. The process for cleaning vertical blinds will be much the same as the ones listed above, depending on whether they are fabric or vinyl. A lint roller made for clothing, easily rolls over vertical blinds picking up dust and cobwebs along the way. A Few Bonus Tips… DIY Cleaning Tool Feb 20, 2016 – Explore Kathy Hyman's board "cleaning blinds", followed by 653 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cleaning blinds, Cleaning, Blinds. To remove dust, tilt your mini blinds all the way up and gently wipe the surface with a soft microfiber cloth. Tilt your blinds all the way down and repeat to clean both sides. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment for further cleaning. Tilt the slats all the way up first and support your mini blinds from the back with your hand to prevent.

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DEEP CLEANING: FABRIC BLINDS. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon – Vacuum cleaner – Clean cloth – Liquid soap. STEP 1 Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and debris on fabric mini. Clean mini blinds without taking them down to avoid leaving windows uncovered. Blinds collect dust, insect debris and stains from spills and splatters. Window coverings and pull strings can also get discolored over time. Even routine house cleaning like dusting and window washing can soil the blinds. Mini Maids® Mini-Blinds Cleaning Tool. These powerful, suction-cup brackets let you hang your blinds temporarily in the shower, so you can wash away built-up dirt quickly, easily and completely. Dust, grime and allergens get rinsed down the drain. Your mini-blinds look as clean as new! Plus, there's no mess, no drips, no suds on windows.

Best way to clean blinds without taking them down: Try some of these ideas if you would rather not take your blinds down. 3. Be a puppet master and start cleaning blinds with vinegar. Sometimes, the best way to clean blinds is to get your hands dirty. Keep Home Simple suggests making a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water.

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