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Double Roller Blinds are a unique fixture in today’s Australian homes. They fill a dual purpose by ensuring day and night time privacy. During the day they can either obstruct unsightly views or allow you to see outside without the glare. Double Roller The ultimate in light and privacy control, our Double Roller Blinds let you totally customise your window treatments. With Double Roller Blinds, you can switch between blockout roller blinds for complete privacy and darkness, to transparent sunscreens for letting in the light and enjoying the view.

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Double roller blinds contain both blockout and sunscreen blinds, allowing adjustment for light or privacy depending on the time of day. Instead of having to weigh up which type of blind a room needs most, you have both options at your fingertips. During daylight hours, the sunscreen blind allows soft natural light into the room while protecting.

Roller Blinds Double. Double Roller Blinds are a contemporary company dedicated to offering you a stylish range of cleverly-designed double layered blinds and brackets for your home. Double Roller Blinds . Day & Night Blinds. Enquire Now All Products * * * * * Two Roller Blinds enclosed in one neat cassette system with a minimal footprint in your window reveal. The blinds, controlled separately, offer a screen fabric to allow daytime views and privacy and a full blockout for full night control and privacy. Get the best of. Double roller blinds, also known as dual roller blinds, offer the best of both worlds with their unique dual fabric design. As the name suggests, these blinds combine two different types of roller blinds in one seamless and stylish system.

Double Roller Blinds For a sleek and adaptable window furnishing, discover our double roller blinds, featuring two layers of fabric that work independently or in unison. Whether you wish to enjoy complete darkness and privacy with the blackout layer, or a gentle filter of sunlight with the semi sheer screen, a double roller blind offers style. Our double roller blind system is the perfect solution for rooms that are overlooked, facing the sun or if you want the practicality of both a sheer or sunscreen fabric and a blackout fabric.. We have two innovative double bracket systems on offer both allowing seperate control of the two blinds, giving you complete control over the privacy and amount of light entering the room. Double roller blinds offer the ultimate in flexibility to choose between darkening your room or creating a private environment with natural light. combine any fabrics from our roller blind range to make your own unique combination dual roller blind. great looking dual roller blinds.

Double roller blinds also help the home become more energy-efficient and comfortable because the material provides an extra layer of insulation, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summertime. Attractive and Sleek. Along with versatility and high functionality, double roller blinds are a very stylish window covering option. How to install Double Roller blinds outside mount? Installing double roller blinds outside the mount is easily done with the face fix method, ensure when ordering that you have allowed enough space for the suggested overlap (at least 35mm each side). Then simply attach the brackets provided outside the window and you will be able to click the. The Best of Both Worlds! Double Roller Blinds offer the luxury of having a Blockout Blind and Translucent or Sunscreen Blind on a single window — and the comfort of choosing between a darkened room and a private environment that admits natural light.

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Double Roller Blinds. With its innovative design, this dual roller blind gives you the choice of how you control the light in your home. Combining two blinds in one – the translucent layer lets a soft glow of light into your room and also keeps out unwanted eyes, while the blackout layer is perfect when you want to shut down for the night. Double Roller Blinds. Double Roller Blinds bring the best of both worlds to your home. They are a combination set, featuring a sunscreen roller blind for ultimate daytime protection and privacy and a blockout roller blind for the night. Electric Double Roller Blinds. The perfect modern alternative to a pairing of blackout and net curtains, our Electric Double Roller Blinds team an opaque blackout blind with a sunscreen blind on a smart double bracket allowing them to be operated seperately for complete control.

Double roller blinds are a combination of stylish blockout roller fabrics in a collection of colours, textures and designs. They’re there to keep the sun at bay and ensure perfect privacy at all times. What’s more, they’re made from polyester so they wipe clean easily and can take a bit of kitchen or bathroom moisture. Double Roller Blinds give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to switch between two different blinds on a single bracket. Our online tutorials make DIY measuing and installation easy! We’re open for business! You can read more here about delivery timeframes and how we’re dealing with COVID-19 . Double roller blinds are a relatively new product which has gained popularity thanks to their unrivalled functionality and stylish design. At BG Blinds we supply and fit double roller blinds in an extensive range of designs and fabrics all offered at a competitive price.

Thermal roller blinds also help to regulate the temperature inside the room, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. What’s more, roller blinds work in any room including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, or bedroom. If you buy the right length, it’s even possible to find door roller blinds. To inside mount your double roller blinds you will require a window recess depth of 90 mm for a flush inside mount. The measuring process is the same for both single and double blinds. Measure your width from the inside edge of the window recess straight through to the other inside edge of the window recess, ensuring you take your measurements. Motorised Double Roller Blinds are designed for guaranteed operation, precise control and enhanced safety. The blinds can be operated through an elegant wall switch or remote control. The Collection. Eight high-quality fabric styles. A trendy collection featuring 8 attractive ranges and 41 stunning colours.

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Choose from roller double roller blinds with blockout, light filtering or sunscreen fabrics. All of the fabrics used on our double roller blinds are energy-efficient – lowering heating and cooling costs. Blockout is an opaque fabric creating darkness. Suitable for all rooms including media and theatre rooms. Double Roller Blinds; How to measure for Double Roller Blinds. How to fit Double Roller Blinds. Important Notes . Our images. Product images are for illustration purposes only. While we endeavour to provide the best representation possible, we always recommend that you request a free sample before your purchase. The major benefit of dual roller blinds (or double roller blinds as they are sometimes called) is that you gain the full control over the light in your home or office. Double roller blinds are all about the versatility – there is a great range of combinations you can order double roller blinds with: blockout + sunscreen, thermal + sunscreen, thermal + light-filtering and even more..

Roller Blinds are the current, 'in vogue' window furnishing and we can help bring a unique sense of style to your home with our large range of fabrics and options! Hand Crafted Roller Blinds – Made In Australia. Our Roller Blinds are handcrafted in Australia by trained professional assemblers and then shipped direct to your door.

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