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Outside Recess Fitting Video – Roller Blinds. Step by Step Fitting Instructions. Step 1. If you’re fitting the blind outside the window recess ensure that measurement C in the diagram below is the same to ensure even window coverage. Although roller blinds are typically installed inside of the window frame, it can also sit outside of the window frame or above the window. The location of the blind is personal preference. Make sure that you determine where you would like to install the blind before buying the blind.

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3. How to measure for inside recess roller blinds. Measuring for roller blinds is almost the same as measuring on Roman blinds. However, the recess must be a minimum of 6cm deep otherwise there will not be enough space to fit the blind brackets. 4. How to measure for roller blinds for outside a recess or into window architrave

Roller Blinds Outside Window Recess. Blinds can be hung both inside the window recess and outside the window recess. Outside the Window Recess. A recess is created when a window is not flush with a wall. This is the most common configuration for a window and creates what is known as the ‘sill’. The sill is rarely large enough to be a usable space, and can only hold small items. Ideally roller blinds mounted outside of a window recess should extend approximately 7 to 10 cms (3-4”) to either side of the window, beyond the edges of the recess. If the blind extends any less than this to either side then there will poor light insulation and a good chance of seeing the window from the side of the blind when it is in the. Recess Blinds. Deciding how to measure for roller blinds will depend on whether they will sit inside or outside a window recess. A window recess is created when the window is not flush to the wall. Recess blinds are designed to fit within the window recess; it will sit within the opening of the window without overlapping onto the wall.

Before you measure up, decide which fitting option you'd prefer: inside or outside the recess. If you are going with blackout blinds we recommend choosing a blind that sits outside of the recess to block out the most light. If you’d prefer your blinds to sit inside the window recess, measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the recess. Top tip for roller blinds. Please note that the actual fabric will be approximately 3-4cm narrower than the recess width depending on the blind ordered.. This is the measurement you need to make if the blind needs to hang outside the recess overlapping the window. Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess at each side, we recommend at. Note that Zone Interiors Roller Blinds include an allowance for installation brackets – see pack for details and adjust accordingly. Measure the length (vertical drop) from the top of the inside recess to the base of the window sill. Write down the length of your window frame. Double-check both measurements. How to measure for 'outside' mount

The fabric cover on ALL roller blinds is always narrower than the overall bracket to bracket size of the blind, to allow for clear operation. Outside the window recess. If you require your blind outside of the recess to cover the entire window, then you first need to find out the widest and deepest point of your window recess. A deep window recess provides space for your blinds to fit neatly inside for a flush finish, but if you have a shallow recess or prefer to keep this space clear, fit your blind outside the recess. For blind fitting without using a recess space we recommend allowing a 5cm (2") overlap either side of your window and an additional 10cm (4") to the. Ideally Roman blinds mounted outside of a window recess should extend a bare minimum of 5cms (2 ½ “) to either side of the window. 7 to 10 cms (3-4”) is the recommended amount for the blind to look comfortable and to prevent too much light from ‘creeping’ around the sides of the blind when it is down in the fully extended position.

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Roller blinds are a classic choice for window dressings and are perhaps the most well-known type of blind, that’s why here at Dunelm we have an extensive range of roller blinds in a selection of colours, patterns and sizes to choose from. Their popularity is easy to explain as there are many different benefits to a roller blind, particularly. Blinds generally look better inside the recess. If you position Roman blinds outside the recess, for reasons of light or for inward-opening windows, then you have to accept that from the side view the batten and workings of the blind will be seen. this has caused issues on here in the past. Measuring for outside mount blinds is a different process. In this case, you won’t measure the size of the window opening, but the exact size that you would like the product to be. Because you’re mounting the blinds outside the window on the wall above, they need to be slightly wider and taller than the opening.

A Roller blind is a single piece of fabric which wraps around a casing and fits into the top of your window frame, either within or outside of your window recess. The Roller blind is operated by a side winding chain mechanism attached to the blind casing. Roller blinds are suitable for most types of windows and doors. WeLoveBlinds decided to create this informative article to provide you with the essential information for fitting roller blinds correctly. If you have recently given up your dated curtains for a more modern and fashionable roller blind-look, then this post is for you! We're about to redecorate our bathroom and kitchen before putting our house on the market and want to put up some roller blinds. Would you fit them inside the window recess or outside? I'm not sure what would look best. The walls will be painted in plain colours.

The easy way to measure for roller blinds. Login 0. 0. 1300 918 390. Australian Made Blinds in 10 Days, Delivered for $30 – Excludes Shutters. Blinds that sit inside the frame are called recess fit. seamless and modern look;. Measure the exact outside width of the window across the top, and write it down. Top-Tip for Roller Blinds: Again, for roller blinds, it's slightly different. Measure at the top of the recess and between the tiles, then compare those two measurements. If the difference between the two is less than 25mm, use the measurement at the top. If it's more, use the measurement between the tiles. Blinds: Inside vs Outside the Window Recess [Infographic]. Vertical, Venetian and roller blinds are the ideal blind styles that should be inside the recess. Cons. The blind could restrict the amount of light that comes through the window when rolled up or drawn back. If the window is a small size, this could cause more problems.

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Hi there! So, I’d avoid recess fitting altogether, just as you suspected. Exact fitting would broaden your options so you could have pretty much anything installed that way, but provided the window is PVC (most of them are now) then the best options for you will likely be among our conservatory range – they fit to the glass area of a window so will move with it when it opens and closes. Unless you are considering vertical blinds, the light which is restricted by a set is mostly to be found at the top of the window. With blinds which are mounted on the outside of the recess, well above the top of the window’s frame, no light is blocked out when the blind is fully pulled up. Follow the instructions to ensure a good fit for your blinds. Please measure in cm. Before you start to measure you must first decide whether you would like your blind to hang inside or outside the window recess. Inside window recess. How to Measure: Measure the width in 3 different positions inside the window recess from wall to wall.

Window Blinds Online. Let your windows inspire your thoughts and broaden your vision – welcome to Just Roller Blinds, your one-stop destination for the ultimate Australian Made roller blinds solutions for your homes and offices!. When your windows look good, they not only make your rooms look beautiful and elegant, they also become a source of inspiration for you!

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