Spray Paint Faux Wood Blinds

Yes, you can paint window blinds! I’m sharing all my tips for spray painting blinds instead of replacing them to save time and money! Vinyl blinds can become yellowed and dirty looking from sun damage. But painting blinds is the most cost effective way to bring them back to life! The most dramatic change I've ever made with spray paint is when I decided to spray paint our blinds in our living room. We were on a SUPER tight budget when remodeling the house, so spending close to $100 for new blinds in that room was OUT. They were already sturdy and in good condition anyway – just ugly.

How to Paint Wooden Blinds DIY and Craft Projects

“If you like fabric painting but hate heat setting the paint, then Simply Spray fabric paint may be worth a try as it doesn’t require heat setting. Simply Spray fabric paint certainly does what it says on the packaging, but it’s quite different to using a brush to apply fabric paint and will take practice to get the most from it.”

Spray Paint Faux Wood Blinds. DIY: How to Paint Wood Blinds. August 22, by Amanda Formaro. 2 Comments. I stopped by Robin’s blog, All Things Heart and Home and found a great tutorial on how to paint wood blinds. Wood blinds are costly, so if you have them and they need a pick me up, do it yourself! Why buy new ones when you already have them. The spray paint also made the strings stiff, so that does affect the how easily the blinds raises and lowers. When deciding to spray paint what you have instead of buying new, you need to calculate the cost of supplies and your time as to whether that outweighs the expense of new blinds. If your faux wood blinds have been painted before, you will have to remove the old paint with a non-corrosive paint remover before you clean them. 3. Once your slats are completely dry, apply a coat of satin or semi gloss latex finish to each one, and let them sit for at least 24 hours.

Paint the blinds with a spray paint formulated for metal surfaces. Apply two to three thin coats of paint to each side of the blinds, and allow the final coat to dry for one hour. Flip the slats over and paint the other side with two to three thin coats of paint. Allow the blinds to dry overnight, then reassemble and rehang them. Mar 24, 2013 – Freshen up a room, change your decor and give new life to old blinds. It's easy to do without spending much money. For the cost of a can of paint, you can change the look of your blinds rather than replacing them, which can be expensive. It's not complicated, either. The weather tends to be against me each time I try to spray paint!! 😛 But not today! This is not a complicated tutorial! You just need to hang the blinds in a way to be able to open and close the blinds. Use what you have on hand. I used two trestles and some leftover wood. And then spray until the brown is gone!

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How to Paint Faux Wood. With the right technique and tools, you can get paint to resemble just about any surface, including wood. While the dry-brushing technique is suitable for small craft projects, a woodgrain rocker is more convenient… Spray paint made for plastic, but doubt they will work well once,done. The paint will freeze up the strings. If you want to paint bamboo with a single color on the whole bamboo blind, remove the weights you put on the blinds earlier. The simplest way to work with bamboo is to use spray paint. Make sure you don’t touch the blind itself and work around from the sides, spraying the entire blind with color.

I want our bamboo blinds to be a natural color, but the building rules only allow white or cream window treatment. Thanks to you, I got the courage to spray-paint one side of the blinds white. It was my first spray-paint job and it went beautifully. I'd imagine it's the same level of difficulty as spray-painting just about anything. The Husband has a spray-gun so this was really easy…load the paint and spray. (He could have used my BFF The Paintbrush, it just would have taken a bit longer.) The thing about this project is the time…paint-let dry completely-turn the slats over-paint-let dry completely…repeat on the next window. Vinyl Blinds Faux Wood Blinds Fabric Blinds Curtains White Wooden Blinds White Blinds Spray Paint Wood Metallic Spray Paint Painting Blinds The Make-Do Queen Recently, I started following Wood Grain Girls on Instagram and saw that they were doing an Instagram Builder’s Challenge.

Prevent dust buildup by wiping with a dusting spray. How do I get the layers of built up dirt and gunk off my faux wood blinds? Faux wood blind slats are manmade so they’re water-safe. Scrub them clean with an Easy Clean Duster or a microfiber cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Do not use abrasive cleaners which may damage the finish or paint. FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint, 100% Acrylic Skid-Resistant Textured Coating (Color Camel F06510-1) 1 Gallon 3.5 out of 5 stars 24 $45.99 $ 45 . 99 ($45.99/l) Remove the slats. You don't want paint on the strings, or to spend hours trying to paint around them, so the real trick in painting blinds is to take the slats off the strings. Do this by lifting up the bottom rail and finding the wood or plastic pegs along the bottom. Use a flathead screwdriver to carefully remove the pegs and set them aside.

How to Paint Wooden Blinds. One of the best ways to change your decor and add life to a room is to change the color of your window treatments. If you have wooden blinds, you can completely change. Lake Forest® Premium Faux Wood Blinds are the perfect counterpart for the Graber Wood Blinds throughout your home, Premium Faux Wood Blinds coordinate beautifully in matching color and wood grain. Controls at your Fingertips. Easily regulate the light in each room with your choice of controls for Wood, Composite, and Faux Wood Blinds. Vacuum or wipe the blinds to remove dust and grime. And set up a work space where you can set each slat across scrap wood while paint dries. There is no way to know what finish is already on the.

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Faux wood blinds add an element of elegance to any room in your house. If you ever decide to change the color of your blinds, you may choose to paint them, saving you the cost of buying new blinds. Painting your blinds will also add personality to the room. Here are some tips to make the job easier and more efficient. I started the blinds and then Melissa painted 9, yes 9 of them for me! We did a few hanging up because we thought it would be so much easier. Then we tried to do a few laying down. We tried cream spray paint to see if that would go quicker, but came back to this chalktype paint process because we liked it the best. 🔥+ spray paint faux wood blinds 20 Jul 2020 Gas constant Designs Sheds outdoor plans Music Boxes musical theater Instrument Plans Planters. If you coif not have a Smartboard you can make the same.

I guess the spray paint better adheres to aluminum blinds because I tried it with little success on the plastic mini blinds. I removed all the slats and scrubbed and cleaned them well, primed and painted them, primed and painted the header, restrung and put everything back together.

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