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For wood blinds this is the in between zone where I can mount it on the inside but with a two inch slat it will stick out, or I can mount it on the outside and have it completely outside. What are my options in this case? The first choice is to mount it on the outside. If I mount on the outside I have two ways I can go about it. An outside mount blind will not highlight the features of your design, but will rather hide it from view.Inside mount wood blinds allow the beveled nature of the window frame to still be showcasedOn the opposite side of the coin, if you have older frame work that is unsightly and you want to hide it from view, an outside mount blind.

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When buying blinds or shades, first you will need to determine whether to choose an inside or an outside mount shade. Both options block light and reduct energy costs. Watch this how-to video to learn what you need to know so that you can choose which mount is right for you.

Vertical Blinds Inside Vs Outside Mount. Inside mount blinds and shades are installed inside the window casing whereas outside mount are mounted outside the window casing directly on the Windows molding or on the wall above. Your best reason for choosing inside mount is that offers a clean look. Additionally, by mounting the blinds outside, you can eliminate the pesky light gap that can occur with inside mounted blinds by over-sizing the blinds slightly. Inside Mount Blinds. Inside mounted blinds are preferred for their stylish and clean appearance. Inside mount blinds are mounted inside of the window frame. While you can mount shutters either inside or outside the window frame, it’s best to mount them inside if you have decorative trim surrounding your windows that you want to show off. If you don’t, or if you’re covering a door that has a very shallow frame, mounting them on the outside of the frame is the way to go.

When buying blinds or shades, first you will need to determine whether you want an inside mount, or outside mount. While both options block light and reduce energy costs, here is what you need to know so you can choose which mount is right for you. Inside Mount refers to a blind that is mounted on the inside of your window frame. Door blinds are a great example of when outside mount blinds and shades are the right solution. The reason being is that almost every French door has a very shallow window frame, making it nearly impossible to correctly install inside mount brackets upon which hang the window coverings. Outside mount brackets need worry about that, not at all. The terms outside mount blinds and inside mount blinds refer to where the blinds are positioned on an interior window frame. Outside mounts are blinds that cover the whole frame while inside mounts are mounted inside the frame leaving the frame moldings or edges visible.

It creates a more refined, neater look. Typically, customers only choose outside mount if there is an obstruction inside of the window frame like an alarm sensor or crank handle, or if your window frame lacks sufficient depth. Outside mounted blinds or shades hang outside of the window casing and generally cover the entire window. As long as your window frame has enough depth to mount blinds inside the opening, we almost always recommend an inside mount. An outside mount (installing the blinds on the wall or trim above the window) is usually just recommended when windows are too shallow to mount inside or when there are obstructions like a window crank. Inside mount blinds also make sense if you don’t want your blinds to catch on your drapes. Their one drawback is you can’t use them if: The depth between the glass and the end of the window casing is less than ¾ inch.

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Measuring For Inside Mount Vertical Blinds. Find Width: Measure the opening across the top where the headrail is to be installed from inside of window frame on left to inside of window frame on right. Round the measurement down to the nearest 1/8". A minimum depth of 2-7/8" is needed to install inside the window. Find Height: An important tip if you’re considering an inside mount: make sure that you have no obstacles that could disrupt the flow of the blind, including larger window sills and window winders. Outside mount. With an outside mount, the blind is mounted either on the window frame itself, or entirely outside the frame on the wall. Outside mount blinds and shades are installed outside the window casing, covering an area larger than the window itself.. Measure the exact width to be covered. Be sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 1-1/2″ on each side (3″ total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy.

You may have heard the terms Inside Mount or Outside Mount. These refer to where the blind is attached to the window. Inside mounted blinds are fitted snugly inside the window reveal. Outside Mount, on the other hand, refers to fitting the blinds to the outside face of the window opening. For this reason, Outside Mount is sometimes called face fit. Easily hang curtains and dramatically change the look of any room by attaching this bracket to your outside mounted vertical blinds. Specially Engineered for Blind Attachment Outside mounted vertical blind head rail attachment Fits 1 inch curtain rod 1.5 – 2 inch Adjustment Ran Inside mount refers to blinds and shades that are installed within the confines of a window frame. That means the headrail is attached flush with the top of the window frame and the window treatment is fully contained inside the four corners of the frame itself.

The difference between outside mount vs inside mount blinds is not only visual, there are also differences in setup and functionality. There are pros and cons to both inside and outside mount window treatments, and this post will help you decide which one is the right fit for your home. Outside mount blinds create a great vertical line and cover the upper part of a frame which makes your windows look higher. To achieve full blackout without side and sill channels. As we have already mentioned, inside blinds can ensure a certain level of blackout when used with special accessories. The cornice style valance is really only an upgrade for inside mount blinds. On outside mount blinds, whether you order the cornice style valance or not the end result is the same. Each outside mount wood or faux wood blinds offer a valance with sides or returns to cover the brackets and sides of the headrail. The outside mount valance looks.

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Factors Affecting the Inside or Outside Mount of a Mini Blind. 1. Depth: As long as your window frame has enough depth inside to mount a mini blind, you can go for an inside mount mini blind. This will, however, not work when the windows are too shallow, in which case an outside mount will make your windows look bigger. Consider switching to an outside mount. Some blinds can also be made with side returns to cover any exposed headrail or bracket on the sides when a unit protrudes from the window. Some blinds can also be made with side returns to cover any exposed headrail or bracket on the sides when a unit protrudes from the window. Window blinds and shades can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame. the most common and preferred method is to mount the blinds inside the window frame. This means the window blinds or shades are recessed or contained within the window frame. Typically blinds are only mounted outside the window frame when there is not enough window frame depth to mount the shades or there is.

• Provide 2.5 inches minimum depth for completing the installation of blinds inside the window/door. Outside Mount • For outside mounts, determine where you want the edges of the blind to extend on either side of the window. Vertical blinds will extend about 4-5 inches beyond the actual window while outside mount shades should cover about 1.

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