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Although there are lots of great colors available in faux wood, the colors vary slightly from real wood, sometimes making it more difficult to match to other natural wood products such as furniture. Natural wood blinds can add an extra touch of elegance to your room or tie in flooring or furniture to the color of your window treatments. Wood can warp in high humidity areas where faux wood proves to be a much better performing option to cover your windows. Wood blinds also tend to struggle with high UV exposure and can fade over time. If you live in an environment where this is a concern and want the timeless look of real wood blinds you will want to buy 2″ American Hardwood.

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Best faux wood blinds of 2018. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good. Based on customer reviews and my own experience with the cowboy method I’ve found the best 3 faux wood blinds on the market. I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency).

What Is Better Wood Or Faux Wood Blinds. We carry both smooth finish faux wood blinds as well as wood grain faux wood blinds. The majority of our faux wood blind slats are smooth slats. All of our faux wood blinds come with smooth finish slats. Some of our faux wood blinds offer both smooth slats and textured wood grain slats. If you are looking for wood grain faux wood blinds the. Wood blinds add warmth and elegance to any room. They are a stylish window solution for traditional or contemporary homes. Many blind options are available to homeowners but if you favor the wood look then the decision is between real hardwood blinds and faux wood blinds. Better Homes and Gardens 2" Faux Wood Blinds, White, 27" x 64" by Better Homes & Gardens. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over.

Wood blinds are made out of painted or stained basswood. Basswood does not have a tendency to warp. Faux wood blinds are made from a resin. The faux wood blinds will cost less but will be much heavier. They need more ladder supports because of the… Faux wood blinds are long lasting, great looking, easy to maintain, and affordable. Although faux wood blinds can look like genuine wood blinds, you can’t beat the classy look of the real thing. Wood blinds are made from various hard woods and the materials are lighter than those used for faux wood blinds, thus requiring fewer ladder cords. Is Faux Wood Blinds Better Than Real Wood Blinds? We get this question a lot, and the answer is: it depends! When choosing the perfect window treatments for your home in California, you’ll need to consider the unique needs of each room. High humidity can result in warping, cracking, and sagging of real wood blinds over time.

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A common struggle for many people is deciding if real wood blinds or faux wood blinds are better. In short, there isn’t a clear cut general answer. Which one is better depends on your needs, your style, and your lifestyle. So, in order to make that important decision, start with the pros and cons of each. Faux Wood Blinds Better resistance to humidity and the weather is what sets our Faux Wood Treatments apart. Impact resistant gives your the durability to withstand the rigors or punishment from everyday use. Faux Wood Blinds Our unique NuWood™ material resembles real wood but is made from a resilient, wood-like material that won’t warp, crack, or fade. It's a smart choice for rooms that can get humid, such a bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other high-activity spaces.

Faux wood blinds aren’t as prone to cracking, warping and fading as wood blinds especially in hot humid spots like bathrooms and kitchens. If you live in areas with extreme heat and humidity, your best choice are faux wood blinds, as is true for high-traffic areas where children are likely to play. Wood blinds are a popular choice for homeowners, and gives you the opportunity to choose between true wood or faux wood blinds. If you’re debating between faux wood vs. wood blinds, understand there are distinct benefits to both options. Wood vs. Faux Wood. Window treatments such as wood blinds can really transform the look of your home. When deciding between wood blinds and faux wood blinds, you need to consider what room you’re decorating and how large the windows are.. The difference between the two is the material they are made out of.

Wood has long been associated with strength and aesthetic beauty. Richly stained or painted wood blinds offer a wider selection of colors than faux wood, as well as other upgraded options and features. We often recommend real wood blinds when our clients need to match a particular wood stain or a custom paint trim color. Wood and faux wood blinds do have some idiosyncrasies and function and look better in different rooms of the house. Wood vs faux wood always seems to present a quandary, so let’s look at each type of these blinds to help you decide which of these window treatments is the best selection for you. Faux Wood Blinds offer a well-made, durable product that is also a cost-effective alternative to real wood. For a free consultation and quote on any of the products below, call 780-940-1872! Alena

Pros and Cons: Faux Wood vs. Wood Blinds. By Budget Blinds November 06, 2019 Faux Wood vs. Wood Blinds: Which Is Better? So you’ve decided to go with blinds for your home, but don’t know whether to choose wood or faux wood blinds. It’s no surprise as often times the debate is centered on which among them is a better option. Better Aesthetics. Wood is the most traditional and aesthetically pleasing material for blinds. The natural beauty of the woodgrain brings a unique style and warmth to the room. They also have the distinct ability to tie in with a range of the interior décor themes and colors, whether it’s a minimal and modern space or a traditional space. Faux Wood Blinds: Faux wood blinds simulate the look of wood at a budget price. The core material here is PVC. PVC is a thermoplastic used in many industries due to its high strength to weight ratio, fire resistance and durability.

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Faux Wood Blinds are wood look-a-likes built to withstand various environments better than real wood blinds. How are Faux Wood Blinds made? Well, obviously they aren’t real wood. Faux Wood Blinds are made out of a vinyl material. They are painted and grooved to have an almost identical look to real wood blinds. The Difference Between Real And Faux Wood Blinds. You’ve decided you want a wooden venetian blind.Good stuff, great choice! However, you’re not sure which to go for: faux or real wood. It mainly comes down to taste, with a few usage pointers thrown in for good measure. Extruded faux wood blinds with no wood product appear to resist warping better and are more suitable for high-moisture rooms like kitchens and baths. The composites containing at least some wood tend to look more like wood, especially in wood-stain finishes.

Faux wood is more heavyweight than natural wood. Therefore, they are better suited for smaller windows. If you use faux wood blinds on a large window, you may find it hard to raise/lower them. Some types of faux wood may contain unhealthy chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions. Some of them are very toxic and potentially carcinogenic.

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